Volume 1, Issue 2, Summer 2016


Table of Contents

1. Alia Bashir Tanauli

Marginalization of South Asian Women  (1-27)          

2. Sohail Mahmood

The Politics of Counterterrorism Strategies in the Middle East and  Southwest Regions (28-76) 

3. Ghulam Mustafa Bali

The Politics of Coalitions: Theory and Practice (77-99) 

4. Sutandra Singha

Climate Change Induced Bangladeshi Migration and its Implications for India (100-123)

5. Hashim Khan

Opposition Politics in Pakistan (142-169)

6. Piyali Dutta

Religion,Language and Democracy in Bangladesh: the debate within     (170-188)   

7. Muhammad Arshid

Women Empowerment through legal Reforms in Pakistan (189-212)

8. Sutandra Singha

Conservation and Sustainable Management of Bison Swamp in the Nilgiris, Tamil Nadu (213-230)

9. Adil Khan

Politics of Cooption under Military Regimes in Pakistan (231-242)